How many apples you need to feed your dog in one day as part of their regular diet plan


Just because dogs can eat anything it does not mean that you as pet owner feed them excessively. A lot of people made this kind of silly mistake by knowing their dog could eat everything as moderation and made that significant thing exclusive for them but in the end you are forcing your dog’s right into jeopardy. As regular food is very necessary for them human food is not like that you have to set the limitations on them and control it no matter how much your dog is eager to eat it.The most popular human food that dogs likes to eat is none other than apples.They are not harmful for dogs. You want to boost your pet’s immunity well guess what, apples can do it for you. It means you don’t have to struggle hard to find best commercial dog food instead you can gave him everything right in your house.

Since you know that dogs are very fond of apples and you have seen it by experimenting once and next time they will ask for more so you have to be very careful not to add it on their regular diet plan because human food may not be harmful but still the more amount of it can ruin his physical appearance as you made him so much healthy.

With that being said below we have listed some real facts about how many apples you need to feed your dog in one day as part of their regular diet plan to help you understand how much apples are perfect to feed them in one day, what happens if you are serving him for the first time, which is the safe way to prepare apples, and will his regular diet have any effect adding apples in it.

  • How much apples are perfect to feed them in one day?

At first you have be sure that your dog will consume it with ease and then take the next step, usually some people loves to give them apples for special events or occasionally but if he likes it so much then you can add it in its diet plan. Always remember when you feeding apples to him try only giving him one apple in single day.

  • What happens if you are serving for the first time?

If you are serving your pet apple for the first time and still don’t figure out that apple seeds and dogs you have to monitor its every movement by only giving one small piece of it and remove all the dangerous seeds and stems as well.

  • Which is the safe way to prepare apples?

When you finally made up your mind to incorporate apple to your dog’s diet then you also have to know how to prepare them so he can consume easily. Make small pieces of apple and if it is necessary add another ingredient in it otherwise feed them tiny pieces and prepare them by tossing all of it in bowl.

  • Will his regular diet have any effect adding apples in it?

Once you get to know that your pup has become very familiar with human food and you have now add it, but still he will remain depend on his regular dog food which you have made it for him on daily basis. In time you will see that adding apples won’t even effect on his regular diet plan and by the time he grows up as adult he will remain depended on it.

Why and how do Celebrities Instagram profiles get high followers?


The most recent statistical analysis of Instagram reveals that there are more than a total of 4 hundred million people all around the world who are active users of the social networking site. Instagram now allows multiple accounts to by auto-synced within the app. This is the latest update of the account. However, among the 4 million+ users are over hundred thousand celebrities who are regular users of Instagram. The celebrity’s profiles have millions of followers and more so, they can buy Instagram followers now as there are many sources that allow the purchase of follows and through which an active amount can be maintained. Who has more followers is somewhat a new competition between these celebrities. A few months back, Taylor Swift was ruling Instagram and then best buddy Selena Gomez left her behind very soon with over 79 million followers! So what is about Instagram exactly that interests these superstars so much? Or is it simply a money game? Keep reading to find out!

Why celebrities use Instagram

There are various reasons why celebrities are so actively using Instagram nowadays. Some reasons are very obvious, the biggest being a maximum number of Instagram followers while other reasons are actually quite surprising.

  • Instagram Followers

There is no denying the fact the posts celebrities make on Instagram about their professional or personal life has only one basic purpose and that is to make the news reach a maximum number of people and gets a stable fan following.

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  • Unlimited Followers

Unlike other social networking sites, Instagram is the most popular choice of celebrities as there is no fixed number of followers that you can have on Instagram. In fact, it provides an opportunity to have unlimited followers, which you can even purchase.

  • Broadcasting Online Platform

Instagram is an online platform that allows celebrities to interact with their fans directly. This is the best platform to broadcast your information and news to millions of users within seconds. It is actually the fastest way to interact.

How do Celebrities get such a high number of followers?

There is a general misconception that what matters it to have the maximum number on Instagram. A reality check is important in this perspective. It is not important to have the highest number of followers on Instagram, instead, it is important to actually have the maximum number of engaged and active followers. This is the demand and the key to Instagram success. This is also being cashed easily as it is now possible to actually buy real Instagram followers that will engage in activity on day to day basis.

Celebrities get a high number of Instagram followers due to multiple reasons. The most important contributing factor is, of course, the fame and popularity of actors, artists, singers, sports persons etc. The other reason is, of course, the money these stars can invest in actually buying followers when needed. Another reason is the fans loyalty with their loved celebrity.

Various benefits of Twitter

Twitter is massively growing popularity. It is appealing many people of different ages from teenagers to business owners. It is the only social media which provides universal benefits with tweets so that everyone who is following your profile will get to know about it. If you are anew business owner, then Twitter profiles are the best for you. It will provide several benefits with the regular tweeting feature. The range of social media provides various uses and benefits of Twitter business.

Following are the advantagesof business

Generating leads

It is the duty of the professional owners that they keep on updating posts, special offers, and new products which will motivate the followers to find out more description and details about the products which helps to generate sales. Take an example of Tourism Company, which offers exclusive discounts on various trips or buy one get one free offer.

Brands image

You can build up your brand business image by tweeting to your followers. Your promotion and marketing strategy will let followersknow about the product details, goods, and services.


It is the best platform which helps you to keep your company or business information to your followers up to date. Followers will be able to communicate with the owner or customer service as well.

Researching trends

zainYou just cannot use twitter just to keep yourself update with your favorite celebrity’s status. You and your company will be able to getmuch information regarding fashion, trends and many other topics in which you are interested. Just built your business profile and got to know that what people are adopting and preferring in their lives. Every new and hot topic can easily be viewed with the popular hashtags. One of the major benefits of Twitter is that you will be able to see your competitors and many other brands which people wants,


It is the essential element in the social media which let you know about the comments and reviews of your customers. The feedback information is very useful for the business profiles. The positive ratings and comments will help to generate your company sales and increase the revenue. It gives a chance to improve their products and maintain the brand reputation because a single negative review can decrease your sale.


With the increasing users on Twitter, networking is the major benefit which helps an individual profile to connect and stay connected with thousands of people in an innovative way. It is very beneficial to build your strong network. It helps to know about the different opinions, view, and many interesting topics. If you do not have astrong business profile, then there is no use of updating your product info. You have to follow some methods to grow your network and maximize your sales.

There are many benefits of Twitter according to business, so it is recommended to join Twitter and get the advantage of it. Just open the account and start growing your network and keep tweeting.

Unblocked Games: You’re Saviors at Work

Have you ever missed playing games like ‘Wasteland Siege, Hopper Beetle or GunRun at your workplace or school just because they have been blocked by the authorities over there so that you may not get distracted from work or study playing them? For their information, though, being stuck in work or studies alone for a long time also makes you lose focus from these as your job or consecutive lectures become too dry. Unblocked games, in such cases, prove to be your saviors.

What are Unblocked Games?

To bring you out from the boring reality into the captivating world of these games, unblocked games are all those games that are otherwise locked out ‘by educational institutes and companies from their networks to prevent their students or workforce from engaging into them during their work or study hours’, but are accessible for you from some specific websites using any network, hence their popularity. You can easily access these games as long as you have a stable network connection and any of the devices like laptop, tablet or even smart phone.

Which ones to play?

            Many of the websites that you would come across which help you do away with your boredom at your workplace are made by those people who suffered through this same boredom and then decided to get rid of by making these websites and have now ended up with more than 60,000,000 views per year. Now the question arises, which ones of the gazillions of these unblocked games to play? The answer to which quite eases, if you know your type of games, then you can easily locate the ones to play in this multitude and a large variety of games, ranging from classics to racing games to even mission games. These games as viewed by bosses and teachers all around the world are not purely a waste of time; rather they can serve as the source to bring back our focus by freshening your minds, concentrating with new found stamina on the lecture the teacher is delivering and retain all of it. The productivity of workers also increases by utilizing their much-needed breaks in something that revitalizes their minds.

Why so popular?

            No one can doubt in believing that these games and websites giving access to these games are very popular. There are many possible reasons for this which include their wide range of variety. These websites also do not let you get bored of playing same old games daily; rather they make sure they add new and more interesting games on daily basis. Apart from that, one obvious reason is that these unblocked games provide you a way round the restrictions you have to endure at your school and workplace making your routine monotonous. Therefore this also increases their popularity and appeal all around the world.

So if you do not believe in giving in to the boredom-causing limitations at your work and intend to make some good use of your time, you can easily let these websites help you snatch away your boredom at work and schools without even being caught.